Meet Kelly Meister!

Kelly Meister

Kelly Meister is a writer, animal photographer, and potter. She shares her life with four cats, twelve ducks, and a barn full of ornery horses. Based on her years of experience rescuing animals in need, and donating her time to animal welfare agencies, Kelly also acts as an advocate for their care and humane treatment. When she’s not taking riding lessons or volunteering at a horse rescue facility, Kelly waits on her cats hand and foot. 

Please meet the wonderful Kelly Meister, author of “Crazy Critter Lady“.

Kelly, I am pleased and honoured to have you here today! Thank you for taking and answering some questions. Let’s begin:
1. Kelly, tell us why you are the “Crazy Critter Lady”. How did you come to have that nickname and who gave it to you?
I gave myself the nickname after the time I crawled out on the ice on a mostly-frozen pond to rescue a flightless duck who was stuck out there. The rescue seemed perfectly reasonable to me, but when I told a therapist about it, she gave me an hour-long lecture on priorities and personal safety. It was then I realized that some people might think the lengths I go to, to help animals are just a little too far past sane! LOL
2. How did your connection to critters begin? How do you keep it going?
It began when I broke up with a boyfriend but kept his sickly cat. The cat had been diagnosed with liver failure and given a couple of months to live. I spent 24 hours a day taking care of that cat, and he managed to hang on for 13 months. When he died, I had a lot of pent up love and energy that needed an outlet. I started volunteering at my local humane society and things really snowballed from there. I keep it going because it’s so good for my sanity and well-being. It’s the one part of my life that is always in total clarity.
3. What kind of critters have you had? What is the most unusual?
I’ve primarily owned cats. I look after a gang of flightless ducks on the pond where they were abandoned. I volunteer at a horse rescue facility and take riding lessons there. I’ve rescued various bird species and the occasional chipmunk. The oddest critters would have to be the ducks. I’m really not a bird person, but the domestic ducks are such characters! They all know me, and they come running to greet me as though we’re long lost friends! And while they’re eating, they’ll make squeaky noises as though we’re carrying on a conversation. I just love ’em!
4. Do you work with critters and if so, in what way?
Well, critters are my life. I look after them (ducks), I live with them (cats), I volunteer my time for them (horses), and I write about them in my blog. When I look around my house, most of the knick knacks and decorations are animal-themed. I take pet photographs on the side. So just about everything I do in life is related to animals in some way.
5. How did this book come into creation?
I had written a really bad manuscript years ago. It was bad because it had no focus or central theme. I shopped it around to a number of agents but no one wanted it, and I can’t blame them! Many years later, when I found myself in the thick of caring for various critters, I realized that that was what my next book needed to be about. I’m a big believer in writing what you know, so once I made the decision to write about animals, it was a pretty easy book to write.
6. Are there any future books in the works?
Absolutely! Finding the time to sit down and write it will be my biggest challenge, but Crazy Critter Lady #2 will definitely get written somehow some way!
7. What is your greatest wish?
My greatest wish is to date George Clooney! My other greatest wish is that everyone learns to be kind to animals so that we can eradicate animal cruelty in all it facets.
8. Any final, parting thoughts or anything you would like to share?
One of the most important lesson we can teach our children is to be kind to animals. That means ALL animals, not just the cute and cuddly ones. Folks teach their kids to be nice to puppies and kitties, but when a raccoon or opossum happens by, suddenly it’s o.k. to throw rocks at it??? We need to be teaching our children to be kind and compassionate to all the earth’s inhabitants! Thanks!!
Please visit Kelly Meister at:
Miss Kelly Meister (author of Crazy Critter Lady
*please be kind to animals!*

Crazy Critter Lady
By Kelly Meister
Kelly Meister is a photographer and a potter, creating beauty to share with others. However, her true passion is for animals, both volunteering with them and helping them on her own. In this book, Kelly shares a wonderful collection of critter stories that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.
Overcoming a painful, abusive childhood, Kelly struggled within herself. In animals she learned how to trust and love. She found acceptance from them and was able to give that back to them.
Kelly has rescued a wide variety of critters. Whether it is a mouse, a frog, a cat or a raccoon, if it needs help Kelly will be there. She has used whatever is at hand, sometimes endangering herself; yet she achieves her goal of helping critters. She will selflessly go above and beyond what some may consider “normal”, to give a critter every chance in life. That doesn’t make her crazy, just crazy about critters.
I could identify with Kelly and her mission. I admire her beliefs and her dedication. Her stories are well told, full of heart and soul. The world is a better place for all of us, not only critters, with Kelly Meister in it.

8 thoughts on “Meet Kelly Meister!

  1. Awwwww I think I love Kelly already for looking after her ex's sick kitty! What an angel! Thank you Kelly for your big heart! All the best with your writing and yay for Crazy Critter Lady! Take care


  2. Annie has a big heart for animals too,so it was easy for her to have insight into the depth of your comittment, Kelly. I look forward to reading about a Crazy Critter Lady …

    Great Review Annie …



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