Hippie Boy

A Girl’s Story
By Ingrid Ricks
In this fast paced memoir, Ingrid Ricks tells her story of growing up and finding her own way. She tells of her broken but important relationship with her father, and of how it was this that helped her to ultimately learn how to save herself.
Ingrid’s mother is a very troubled woman, who clings to the Mormon religion. She marries a homeless veteran, who is also a Mormon. Even though she is torn by this male dominated religion, she feels compelled to follow it and her abusive husband.  
This memoir is very revealing regarding this religion and its effects on its followers. Ingrid, yearning to be “normal” wants only to fit in. She knows this is not what life should be, and seeks the companionship of her father, a traveling tool salesman.
She gets her wish, and takes to the road with him in the summer. In doing this, she becomes dependent upon him, and the freedom that the road brings. She learns there are other ways and choices. Ingrid begins to learn who she is, and who she can be.
This is a powerful memoir. It is written with honesty and heart, from pain through self-discovery. In searching for meaning, Ingrid finds herself.

4 thoughts on “Hippie Boy

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