Silver & Gold

Silver and Gold

Silver & Gold
I am now reminded
 I too am growing old.
Along with age comes wisdom,
we are always told. 
Precious are the memories
in my heart I hold,
meant to last a lifetime,
each memory silver & gold.
             ~McGuffyAnn Morris~

6 thoughts on “Silver & Gold

  1. Oh Annie, this is so lovely! I am reminded daily that I am growing older, most days I'm ok with that. I realize that I have lived a lifetime of memories, and now it's time to share those stories while I still am here to share. And yet, we are making new memories each day too, more sweet smiles to carry with us into the senior years!


  2. Our memories do last in our heart … but not so much in our brain. There is a difference 🙂

    Beautiful poem, with meaning that all of us can relate to …



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