Bare Naked at the Reality Dance

~Journal One~
By Suzanne Selby Grenager
This book has a unique energy, both invigorating and calming. In her search for herself, Suzanne Grenager teaches us how to find ourselves.
This journal is reflective, inspiring one to reflect on one’s own life and purpose. It is personal yet universal. We all wonder what the meaning of life really is, and where our place in it may be.
Suzanne guides you with her own intimate experiences. She encourages you to find your own way, offering courage to do so. Not only is the journal a tool in finding peace and calm, but it is a celebration of joy and positive energy within and around us.
Awareness of self is something that should be easy, yet it is often elusive. In youth we all seek to “find ourselves”, though it seems not all of us do. Some people are never able to find the courage to be who they are meant to be.
This book not only is inspires us, but encourages us to seek and be all that we are meant to be. Through her own experiences and journey, Suzanne Grenager shows you how to reach inside, to be and celebrate yourself. She makes you feel good about who you are.

The common sense and practical approach to life and living it will make you feel it was written for you. Perhaps this is because we are all basically the same at heart. We all want to be happy in ourselves and in life.

2 thoughts on “Bare Naked at the Reality Dance

  1. I love the concept of this book and the journal format. When we follow in the footsteps of someone walking their life path we learn and find new ways to grow. I love books that provide insight into how to love ourselves and the lives we've carved out… this sounds like an excellent, inspiring read!


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