Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 46

It is time to visit Patrice & Wendell! 
Come join us on their friendly 
farmhouse porch.
Here is what we are discussing…

1. What do you do when friends or family pull out a camera? Hide, pose, smile, pull out your own camera and take a photo of whatever they are photographing, or something else?
I usually smile and hide. There is no such thing as a good picture of me. I do like taking pictures, but am by no means a photographer. I leave that to others. (I have been known to hide behind Maggie P.)

2. Did you take any type of music lesson in elementary school?

I was always in Choir, but wished I could be in band or orchestra. I married a musician, though! Does that count? This is Bill’s Guild, his acoustic guitar.
3. What is your favorite color of cat (even if you aren’t a cat person)?

I am a critter person currently owned by “just” three cats, but over the years, and through many rescues…


or choose…
…I love them all!

4. What did you have for dinner yesterday?
A home-made hamburger and salad, with a glass of milk. I’m a big fan of milk! Yum!
5. Do your feet hit the floor running in the morning, or do you drag your self out of bed?

It depends on the day and what is going on. I am usually an early riser, though I never run anymore. *LOL*

 Thanks for the visit!

14 thoughts on “Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 46

  1. I can't drink coffee at all, love the smell but I can't keep it down. I like a mug of hot Earl Gray with honey for the road in the morning, and drink iced-tea and mostly RO water the rest of the day. John likes and needs his morning coffee though, otherwise the Papa Bear is a grouchy bear!:-)


  2. I am an early riser as well. Love your cat photos. I miss having a cat, but we lost ours 4 years ago after having her for 17 years and I just can't find it in my heart to get another one yet.


  3. Your “feet” better not hit the floor in the morning … not until the doctor says, RIGHT! Love the way you use pictures to illustrate your answers (nonphotographer??). Now I am off to get my morning coffee …



  4. Love all your kitty “babies” :o) I loved drinking milk with every meals as a kid. Then I married a Southern boy who just drinks sweet tea…Can you believe he actually thinks drinking milk with a meal sounds gross?…& they say Yankies are weird. Have a blessed day :o)


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