By Alyssa Goodnight
Nicola James is a serious, career-minded woman. She is on a path that she set as a teenager. The only things missing are love and romance but, practical and sensible, she is not about to risk it all with fool hardy risks.
When Nicola finds a beautiful blank journal in a boutique in Austen, Texas, she is intrigued. It is shelved alongside Jane Austen novels, her favourite. She buys the journal, initially as a gift. She is so drawn to the journal that she decides to use it herself, and once she does, everything she thought she knew changes. As she writes in the journal, it seems to be magically writing back to her, in the persona of Jane Austen herself!
Life, as Nicola knew it, starts to reveal new paths, offering new possibilities and altering her once predictable life. This magical diary has much to offer. Nicola begins to follow the guidance the journal is offering to her. She finds herself opening herself up, allowing herself to take chances.
The characters in this unique book are quirky, fun and unforgettable. Along with Nicola, there is a cast of eclectic friends, including a colourful Scottish Rocker, who adds unexpected spice to Nicola’s life.
If you are a fan of romance and mystical charm, fun and adventure, and especially of Jane Austen, you will enjoy reading this book. I recommend that you put this in your summer book bag, and be prepared for the magic of Alyssa Goodnight! She offers all of this in her unique novel, Austentatious.
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4 thoughts on “Austentatious

  1. I love writers who come up with a totally new idea, and this definitely meets the bill! One has to wonder, “What if this happened to me?” I know it will be an interesting read to see where this marvelous journaling experience leads her. If only life really did come with an interactive guide!


  2. Thank you so much for this review. you made the book sound exactly the way Alyssa would want it. I know a lot more people will get to read and enjoy it now.



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