12 thoughts on “Dinner Guest?

  1. Lol. Great pictures & story! Bingley is not quite as polite, I'm afraid. Even after a hearty dinner of his own, he still thinks he is entitled to the food on my plate!


  2. I love your cat tales! 🙂 You should see my furkids when I'm working in the kitchen… all five line up across the island lurking, “assisting” if I turn my back for a moment, and hoping for scraps and samples to come their way. You can almost hear them asking in their very vocal meows…
    “What are you making, what are we having, can we have some, please?” Now keeping cat fur out of the dinner, that's a bigger challenge… and yes, just like Eddie here, mine climb in the pans too… ARRGGHH, but adorable!


  3. Smokey and Salem love to share their food with us, usually in the form of half eaten birds, bunnies, shrews or mice. Gotta love them…maybe they think they are providing for us in return. Give your furbabies a hug from ours.


  4. Adorable!!! My two cats are my sous chefs===they sit on the stools at the kitchen island and watch me….and yes….an occasional paw comes over to help but not too often.


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