8 thoughts on “Flag Day 2012

  1. It's really flag day … where are all the flags. In fact where are all of the patriots … I worry about how our country is doing, don't you? Anyway, I agree … I love our flag and all that it stands for, may it wave over a free and compassionate country for ever.



  2. Remember how after 911 it seemed everyone had flags posted in their windows and flying from their cars? I really loved that show of patriotism and I wish it would be there always. Our flag is beautiful and it stands for freedom… my most treasured word! Thanks for reminding us that this day is special!


  3. It is amazing to me how the sight of our flag can give me a sense of 'home'. I've never fought in the military, never been a flag waving fanatic, but she still makes feelings fill my heart. What IS IT about this flag…


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