Chats on the Farmhouse Porch #47

It is time for the weekly visit on 
Patrice’s farmhouse porch.
Come with me, and
please bring a carrot for Wendell!
Here is what we are discussing… 

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS:1. Do you ever go on picnics? When was the last one? Do you go somewhere with benches and tables, or do you take your own blanket? I love picnics! Admittedly, it has been awhile. Perhaps we will have one when my ankle is healed, and Bill is not on the road as much. Benches are easier at this point in time.

2. What’s your favorite tropical fruit? I love pineapple, especially fresh. I love Kiwi, too. I do like most fruit.

 3. Wendell would like me to ask you if you’ve ever ridden a horse? Any pony rides as a child? I am not sure what you will think Wendell, but…once, at age 17, I rode on a horse. I did not like it at all. Let me explain: with my very bad knees, which began at age 15, it was painful to ride horseback. But I do like horses!

                                                   AJP4. Describe the purse you are currently carrying. If you don’t use a purse, what color is your wallet? My current purse is denim. I also sometimes use a colorful “hippie” tote/purse, that is colourful & tie-dyed.

  5. Please tell me the last funny thing that you just recently remembered. This can be something funny that happened to you in the past, or just something funny that you remember. Chloe loves to chase (& eat) flies. She goes crazy when she sees a fly. She was watching one, with great intensity and interest, on the outside of the bay window. Suddenly she sprung up at it, hitting the window and almost knocking herself out! She landed on top of  Maggie, who was sound asleep in the cat bed, startling her as well. They both looked so shocked and confused! Unfortunately, Chloe being impetuous, she did not learn from this and does it almost every day…at least once.

5 thoughts on “Chats on the Farmhouse Porch #47

  1. The cats sound entertaining! Wendell says he understands your comment. He told me to tell you that his knees hurt him a lot when he had Lyme Disease, so he has never ridden a horse either!I like most fruit too. Have a great week!


  2. Our furkids are a wealth of stories and entertainment! I have one too, that never seems to learn from her mistakes, and will have the same result tomorrow. We say that she is indeed a beautiful crayon but perhaps not the sharpest in the box! 😉

    Denim purses… love 'em! I wore my last one out, carried it until it totally fell apart, and I know that doesn't surprise you one bit!

    I haven't been on a horse since I used to visit my cousin's farm in my childhood. I doubt I would be able to walk for days after a short bumpy jaunt now! But they are indeed beautiful creatures with amazing liquid eyes!

    It is usually too hot here for picnics, though a moonlight picnic can be quite fun too!


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