11 thoughts on “Oh, Toad!

  1. Cool, I remember I used to see alot of them at my old house during the summer, when I was a little kid. That's how I know when summer was coming, is when I would start seeing lots of frogs and toads! : )


  2. Dear McGuffy Ann,
    I'm trying to figure out what that shape is–the one made by toad and shadow. Clearly with shadow, the toad speaks to me of the resounding self-confidence of Toad in “The Wind and the Willows.” Peace.


  3. Summer is here for sure! I mean, on Tuesday my DS found a turtle in our driveway while taking the trash to the curb. Turtles are kinda reclusive or so it seems, as they are rarely seen. Even growing up in rural West Virginia it was difficult to spot turtles on summer day. Interesting photo of Mr. Toad! Thanks for visiting my humble spot in cyberspace. =D


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