The Language of Flowers

By Vanessa Diffenbaugh
This special novel follows the coming of age and beginning of real life for Victoria. Having been raised in the foster care system, we meet her as she turns eighteen. She is becoming an adult, embarking on a life of her own.
The book is written in alternating parts, between Victoria’s childhood and present day. She is having trouble moving forward in life while holding onto the baggage of a damaged childhood.
Victoria’s solace has always been in flowers. She finds comfort in the meaning of them, and symbols associated with them, the language of them. Insecure, and truly unable to communicate her feelings to those around her, Victoria relies on this as a sort of second language. Eventually, this does become a connection.
It has long been believed by many cultures that flowers have healing properties. This can be medicinal, physical, psychological or even emotional. This was the case with Victoria.
The story of Victoria is full of thorns and sharp burrs that stick to the reader. Yet the author offers the reader a bouquet of experiences of a true survivor. A good Summer read, this book is memorable. 
A bonus: at the rear of the book is Victoria’s Dictionary of Flowers, in alphabetical order. She lists the flower name, botanical name, and the meaning of the flower. The list is long, from Abutelon (Abutelon)…Meditation, to Zinnia (Zinnia)…I mourn your absence.

8 thoughts on “The Language of Flowers

  1. I think I would like to read this one very much 1st I was raised in and out of foster homes until 18 and I love flowers. thanks for the review i have another book to order now watch out Amazon I am keeping you busy!!


  2. I love books that tell the story of someone overcoming their childhood to create a wonderful and meaningful life. Framing the effort in flowers is a great idea and must prove an interesting read. I know that some culture place great value on the message of a particular flower or bouquet given. I want to read this one too!


  3. I loved this book! Someone recommended it to me and I loved it!!! And I especially liked the flower dictionary at the end of the book! If only I could remember them all!!!!


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