Twelve Habits of Highly Successful Cats & Their Humans

By Dulcy & Dee Ready

A remarkable pair, Dulcy and Dee Ready have written their second book together. Their first book, A Cat’s Life: Dulcy’s Story introduced us to not only Dulcy, but also to Dee.
As is their relationship, this book is unique. Each chapter offers practical, common sense advice to cats by Dulcy, and to humans by Dee. The advice is wisely called “habits”. The habits are simple, and easily to applied to daily life.

The purpose of each habit is to become a part of a healthy, happy life for both cat and human. When each of these practices becomes habit, the result is total happiness, which Dulcy calls bliss.
The first habit is “Practice Being Unique”. In this, we are encouraged to embrace who we are and our place in the world. Unfortunately, this is never realized by many. It is an integral piece of the puzzle of life. Once this is done, the rest of the pieces fall can into place.
The second habit is to “Discover Your Heartwish”. Many indeed struggle with this, never truly knowing what makes them happy. Again, you must first know and accept yourself.
Habits that follow these include choosing loved ones wisely. Much time and energy is wasted on chasing unrequited love, in many forms. While we need to “love one another” and respect all others, we need to choose special love with cautious reservation.
In this special book are more habits to succeed. Dulcy and Dee each add a voice to grieving, listening, acceptance, and other aspects of living life successfully. A must for cat lovers it is beautifully written, and meant to be read often. I am sure that I will do just that.

10 thoughts on “Twelve Habits of Highly Successful Cats & Their Humans

  1. Oooh! This sounds like an awesome book! I need to send it to my daughter who adores her furkids and is still working out her own life! I'd love to read it too! What a clever way to present life's truths, and isn't it true how intertwined creation is, what's good for us is also good for the creature that we love! Great review, adding to my “must read and share” list!


  2. Dear McGuffy Ann, thank you from both Dulcy and me for this lovely review and for your enthusiasm for the book. I am so pleased that you liked it and that it spoke to you. Blessings on you. Peace.


  3. Hi Ann, thanks for dropping by my blog with your kind words. How nice of you.

    I've been browsing a few blogs here and there and left a few comments but I'm still not in full swing yet. Haying season is upon us early this year and the the crop of hay is good and the weather is cooperating so it's been a busy time here on the farm.

    This book sounds like a very good read.

    I hope that your foot is healing well and that you'll have a great weekend.

    Hugs, JB


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