June Awards

Thank you, Josie, of Two Shoes in Texas
Josie is wonderful! Please check her out.
Her posts are important and thoughtful.
I know there are mixed feelings on awards, 
but I am honoured when a peer finds me 
worthy of note. I can’t reject gifts.
I will answer the questions that Josie was asked
1. What is your favourite dessert? 
I like mint chocolate chip ice cream!
2. What do you do when you’re upset? 
I withdraw, shut down. 
I usually need to think & regroup.
3. What is your favourite pet? 
Cats & dogs. (Glad you didn’t ask “who”.)
4. My biggest fear is…losing Bill.
5. My guilty pleasure…
is watching TV. I have a few shows I like.
Though I admit sometimes it is on just 
to hear voices talking, because Bill is gone 
so much. I do listen to music a lot, too.
6. What is perfection? 
The absence of pain, worry, illness, conflict…
perfection is Heaven.
7. My attitude is…
I am a realist. I am not a pessimist, as I have hope. 
I am not truly an optimist, as I am extremely 
practical & cautious.
I do not wear rose-coloured glasses, 
but I refuse to give up.
Ten Random Facts About Me:
1. I have an amazing memory: 
a blessing & a curse.
2. I rely on humour, especially when stressed.
3. I am a serious “Home Girl”.
4. I want a tatto; just can’t decide what.
5. I love mums  angel-wing begonias.
6. I have no depth perception.
7. I do not drink alcohol.
8. I have never been outside the 
(continuous 48) United States.
9. I love zippered Hoodies, jeans 
& tie-dyed stuff. I’m very casual.
10. I do believe in karma.

Now, I pass this award on to:

Len Williams Carver

Kathe W


Dee Ready

I also received this award from RestlessJo.
Thank you very much! Her blog is beautiful & interesting.

I am supposed to list Seven Random Facts…
see above; I just listed ten! Enough about me!

I now pass this award on to:

Josie (for Karma) 
Two Shoes in Texas, 
Andrea (Because…)
From the Sol,

RoryBore (for her thoughtfulness)
Time Out for Mom
Janice (for her inspiration)
Janice’s Footsteps
Angie (for her hard work)
Angels are Kids & Furkids,

That Corgi (for fun & feeling)
A Bench with a View,

11 thoughts on “June Awards

  1. congrats on the awards and thanks for passing one on to me; that was very sweet of you!

    I think it is great to have an amazing memory!! I hope it stays with you for the rest of your life! I think to lose one's memory is one of the worst things that can happen so to have a great one to start out with is a very good thing indeed!

    enjoy your Sunday!



  2. Dear McGuffy Ann, thanks so much for the award. Now I need to think about how I'll respond to it. I remember one blogger–Penny of Life on the Cutoff–and she did several blogs, one for each of the questions. But since I'm doing this on-long memoir, I'm not sure what I'll do. I'll try to be “Creative”! Peace.


  3. You know that this award is special to me because it's about sisterhood, something wonderful that we share, obviously we have collected a bit of good karma along the way! 🙂 Thank You, and could you please share half of your good memory with me, I have none at all and fear I will need to wear a nametag before I'm 70!:-)


  4. I deleted my comment because I hate mistakes!

    I spelled posts without an o…

    I am trying again!!!

    I love reading all of these random answers…they are fun and insightful!


  5. I too am a memory hound, even with 3 strokes yes a blessing & a curse for sure the husband kept asking the Dr if we could somehow to have it efffected just a little and the doc said no for some reason it isn't this time but still gave me therapy to help it strengthen, I am a firm believer in karma hardest part is when I want to help it cross certain people off it's list quicker lol


  6. Congrats on the awards!!!! There for awhile I was being bombarded with them and it was driving me a little nuts to have to “keep up” with them but once I figured out to just start a draft to recognize them and do one at a time it ended up not being so overwhelming!! Loved learning a bit more about you—–let us know when you get that tattoo!!! 🙂


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