A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty

By Joshilyn Jackson

Every fifteen years, trouble comes knocking on the door for the Slocumb women. First it was Virginia, and then her daughter Liza. Now 15 year old Mosey is facing this curse. Yet the trouble is fall out from years of secrets kept from her by her mother and grandmother.

As the secrets are literally unearthed in their own backyard, Mosey suddenly is forced to question not only what is going on, what secrets they have, but who she is as well. Having always been a good girl, in the shadow of her rebellious mother, now Mosey feels perhaps rebelling will reveal who she is  and who she is meant to be.
With the help of a couple of misfit friends, Mosey sets out to solve several mysteries that are tightly interwoven. Nothing is as it seems, including Mosey, Virginia, and Liza. She must unravel their past to know her own.

The women in this novel are strong, feisty and warm Southern women. The other characters are all well developed, interesting and integral to the story. A perfect combination of fun and heartache, full of twists and turns, this novel is perfect summer reading.

I will be reading more by Joshilyn Jackson, very soon. I hope for more like this!

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