If we are ever to obtain peace in the world, we must first find it within ourselves. We must quell the restlessness, the inner turmoil, the unseen battle within our heart and soul. We must make peace within ourselves. We must come to terms with our transgressions, our choices, what we have done or not done, and who we are. 

To find peace within ourselves we must accept that everything has lead to this moment. We must now live fully in this moment, because it is really all that we have. It is in doing this that we can find hope for the peace we seek. In acceptance there is peace.

We must be the example of peace by the way we live our lifeBy nature there is a struggle waged on the grounds of our past, present, and perhaps even our future. We must accept who we are and where we are in life, even when others do not understand or accept us. In doing this, we can achieve personal peace. 

From peace comes love, joy and ultimately security. It begins within each of us, and then can be shared

12 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Profound, yet so simple in it's truth. When we stop being at war within ourselves, we will no longer feel the need to contest with others. Peace… what a wonderful place to be! This is beautifully written, Annie. I love every word!


  2. Dear McGuffy Ann, what a lovely and wise meditation on peace–finding it, sharing it, growing in its Oneness. Thank you. And so I wish you peace.


  3. I love your post.

    Just yesterday I was reading about the Cherokee legend of the fight between two wolves within each of us, the fight between the good and the bad. You have probably heard about it long before this. I found it on Google.

    Wishing you Peace.



  4. If only everyone could read this … so many struggle and lose the opportunity for peace. They need guidance like this. It doesn't seem like it should be hard, but we all know it is. Thank you for your wise words and the help they will lend to those who read it.



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