Between a Rock and a Hot Place

~Why Fifty is the New Fifty

By Tracey Jackson
Much is written on young women, young mothers, and it is wonderful because it didn’t used to be that way. Women muddled through it all on their own, afraid to speak of their struggles.
Then it was about turning forty, and “The Change”. It was almost a shame or a curse, and again, women carried it on their own.
Now there is a book about and for women 50 and over. Tracey Jackson takes on aging with candid humour. She is both brave and honest in facing the realities of aging.
Tracey shows no fear in discussing health and sex as a woman enters her fifties. She talks about age in the workplace, and the effects of how that is perceived.
The proverbial empty nest, and the pros and cons of that stage of life are discussed with humour, candor and insight.
Tracey recalls how we got here, to age fifty, but also what to do now that we are here. She lays out fearless plans for a productive, full life going forward.
Both realistic and funny, Tracey gives thought to what it means to be fifty and the perceptions of aging.
Reading this book is like chatting with a girlfriend who totally gets what you are going through, at fifty and beyond.

8 thoughts on “Between a Rock and a Hot Place

  1. Seems like an interesting book!

    Personally, as I approach 50 (I'm 48), I'm very glad 50 isn't the new 30.

    Except with regard to what my body easily can do (i.e. tearing up carpets, hauling water buckets…what I call heavy work). Oh, I can still do these things, but not without a lot of pain and stiffness afterward. LOL.

    I'm glad, though, that I never wanted human children–no “empty nest” syndrome for me, and I'm long-divorced, so don't have that looming, as so many women in this age group do.


  2. Dear McGuffy Ann, Like “Fuzzy Tales” I'm glad that being whatever age isn't like being a younger age. Those years were hard enough. I'd prefer to be 76!


  3. This book sounds like a must read for my 50 going rapidly on 60 self! It's a lot to deal with emotionally, more than I anticipated, and maybe I'll get a fresh perspective here. Thanks for the review… if you think it's good, I know it has to be! 🙂


  4. Great review … sounds good, but I am way past needing to know what happens at 50. Let me know when you find a book for 70 and older 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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