Wisconsin Ghosts

By Sherry Strub

Seasoned writer and storyteller, Sherry Strub takes us on a tour of over 150 places in the state of Wisconsin. Each of these destinations of legend and lore is reported to be haunted.

The book is easy to follow, with many photographs. The state is broken down into sections, with listings of sites and locations. Sherry has put much research and work into this detailed book.

Some of the stories are the traditional haunted houses, including the historic Fox River Mills Apartments in Appleton, Wisconsin. There is also the poltergeist in the home in Wautoma, and many other haunted houses.

There are many haunted restaurants in this book, as well. Simpson’s, in Waupaca, and the Ardor Pub in Milwaukee are two well-known haunts. Numerous haunted buildings are noted by Sherry.

More unusual ones listed are unexpected places, such as the Grace Lutheran Church School in Menomonee Falls and the St. Joseph Catholic cemetery, in Seneca. In fact, there are many other haunted cemeteries, hospitals and even schools listed in this well documented encyclopedia of Wisconsin’s creepy past.

Sherry Strub has done a fine job. Currently she lives on a haunted lake in Wisconsin. I am hoping she is working on another book.

10 thoughts on “Wisconsin Ghosts

  1. Consider it one! 🙂
    Actually, I have more non-fiction, historical books coming. And check out my Halloween Treats last October, a series of them. I like books like this, occasionally. They are historical in nature, and a good unexplained mystery.


  2. Ohh this is good to know about Wis. mom & step-dad live out there and myabe I will get lucky and a ghost will swallow up the dad ??? Ok but 1 can wish right?
    The book sounds very interesting in any State actually because who doesn't like to hear about a ghost story once in a while? I DO thanks for informing me of this writer I think it would be a hoot to read :))


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