22 thoughts on “Cat & Author Day: July 2012

  1. I love that photo too! A beautiful man, a beautiful spirit, and a lover of cats… does it get any better?! This takes me back to my high-school years when McKuen was a name well known. Thanks for sharing, Annie!


  2. Dear McGuffy Ann, I so liked that poem. And it so expresses my thoughts so often. I'll be lying on the couch, talking on the phone with a friend, and I'll need to get up and always I hesitate about moving–and often don't–because I'd disturb the cat sleeping on my chest. Peace.


  3. Go check out my blog you are one of my many favorite cat bloggee friends so I posted some cat humor for you…Enjoy it as much as I enjoy yours which hope you brought the large bag?? travel size won't do in how much I like YOU :))


  4. You were right … I do love this post and understand why it is so special to you. Rod McKuen is one of a kind and this picture shows the tenderness in his heart.



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