Unlikely Friendships: for Kids

A Three-Book Series

by Jennifer Holland
This series is based on the book by Jennifer Holland. It is adapted in this mini-series, for ages 7 and up. The print is large and easy to read. The books are chapter books, featuring the main story and additional stories.
The first book features the well known story The Monkey and the Dove. It follows the true friendship of the pair of animals in their native China. Following, are other similar stories of unlikely animal friendships.
 The second book in the series is The Dog and the Piglet. A farmer finds a newborn piglet on a cold night. He takes it inside, where his big dog willingly takes over mothering it. Their bond continues even after the farmer returns it to its natural mother. Four additional stories are included.
The third book in this series is The Leopard and the Cow, and continues telling the stories of unlikely relationships within the animal kingdom. Defying odds and the known natural order of life, these animals have come together in special ways.
Each story has morals and life lessons, while teaching facts about the animals and the natural world. The books confirm that true friendship and love crosses boundaries of species, time, and circumstance.
The stories are heartwarming, illustrated by beautiful and amazing photography. I sincerely hope there will be more books like these.

5 thoughts on “Unlikely Friendships: for Kids

  1. What great stories for children and adults to share! Once again, in the natural order of things, love triumphs overcomes boundaries. I think these would make wonderful gifts, perhaps a set for our grand-daughter, Noa!


  2. I agree with Josie … they do make wonderful gifts :). Your review of them points out all the values to be found beyond the wonderful pictures. Really like this one …



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