Bible Girl

& the Bad Boy
By EC Stilson
Though released after The Golden Sky, EC Stilson first book, Bible Girl is actually a prequel to it. In this brave book, she tells her intimate, unique coming of age story.
As is the nature of youth, there are issues of finding yourself, your place and your own way in the world. That is the rite of passage that youth demands. It was difficult for EC (Elisa), as well. However, she managed to hold onto her morals and values, and persevered. As this intimate memoir reveals, it was not always easy.
In meeting and connecting with Cade, they found common ground in music. They struggled, but their relationship deepened. Elisa’s upcoming third book in her memoirs, Homeless in Hawaii, covers their early street musician days.
EC Stilson is interesting, creative and genuine. Reading her works is like reading a letter from a friend. She is warm, wise, witty and wonderful. She writes heartfelt, life affirming books. Elisa brings clarity and humour to even difficult issues. Her perspective is refreshing and keen. In addition to her books, EC Stilson continues to share her life experiences through her online journal, her blog: The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom. 
I highly recommend EC Stilson, her books, and her blog. Her writing is real, genuine and important, as is she. 

7 thoughts on “Bible Girl

  1. Dear McGuffy Ann, I have become a friend of Elisa's through her blog and what you say here about her is so true. Her writing is genuine. There is a fierce honesty to it that I so admire. And when she writes her books about those teen-age years she does not try to “pretty” them up with wisdom garnered later. She gives us just who she was then.



  2. You have shone a light on EC's writing and her person. The truth is always a gift and she should be proud of who she is and what she writes. Thank you for introducing me to her …



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