Have Mother, Will Travel

by Claire and Mia Fontaine

This mother-daughter pair first became known through their first memoir Come Back. They told their heart-wrenching story of Mia’s all-consuming drug addiction, and Claire’s dedication to saving her daughter.

Now it is ten years later, and both women want to move beyond what once was, and to refine their relationship and perhaps themselves. Claire and Mia want to have new adventures together and find common ground. They seek to re-establish a real bond with a new meaning.
This memoir tells that story. They set out together on the trip of a lifetime, traveling through twelve countries, including sixteen cities. There is good fun and new experiences, but also some problems and disappointments. However, this is not a typical pair of women; they were ready for whatever came their way.
It is interesting to see how Claire and Mia come to see each other in new light. Mother sees her daughter truly owning herself and her life. Daughter is now learning to see her mother as more than her mother, but also as a woman unto herself. They take their relationship to new places, including friendship.
Told by both women, alternately, this beautiful memoir is amazing and meaningful. It is a gift to each other, and to mothers and daughters everywhere.

4 thoughts on “Have Mother, Will Travel

  1. The relationship I have with my daughter is so precious to me, because we do value each other as individuals, not only for our respective roles. I never had that with my mother and I will always mourn what never was. Too often children fail to realize their parents are real people with feelings and ideas and needs just like their own! Sounds like an awesome book to read, Annie… great review!


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