16 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. They're all so cute! The kitten drinking from the glass is supercute! I have had some cats that did that. I really feel sorry for all of you. Here in the Netherlands we haven't really had a hot Summer so far.


  2. Hay, the Gif is adorable, but they stopped it before she pulled it over and spilled it all over the furniture … hmmmm. I love your LOL kitties. Look forward to them every week. Keep up the good work!



  3. Oh, too cute! Whatever we have to eat or drink always seems far more interesting to them! I've returned to my chair on more than one ocassion to find a furry face in the glass enjoying my iced tea! I always make sure water is available for them, and especially for the feral cats outside.


  4. Cute pics! I'm with you 100%. Our precious furry friends need lots of water and cool shelter from this awful heat. My heart aches for all the strays. I keep fresh water and food out for them.


  5. Dear McGuffy Ann, thanks for posting all these wonderful photos of cats and kittens lapping water, especially the video. The photos so reminded me of the three cats with whom I live, one of whom, Maggie, wants her water dripping from the faucet. Peace.


  6. These are really cute pics. When they are thirsty they will find a drink. My cat likes drinking out of the bath tap or garden hose. But if we let her, she would steal our hydrations for sure!


  7. These are all so wonderful! Water is an obsession with my kitties. I keep their water dish in my bathroom sink (Alice makes a mess when she drinks) and I fill it with fresh water daily…sometimes more often. Arya likes to get up on the kitchen counter and watch me rinse the dishes.


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