14 thoughts on “What They Do All Day…

  1. Absolutely hilarious! There was a fly is brilliant and what a handsome cat! Now What and dancing cat are very funny. The little kitties are very cute, but my favourite is the winking cat. I'm sitting here with a HUGE smile on my face. Thx!


  2. Delightful kitty antics! I've often wondered what mine do all day, especially when I come home and find things rearranged…like all the magnets removed from the fridge…. was it a contest? And what do they say to each other if I' mate getting home? 🙂 A very fun post, Annie, we loves our furkids! 🙂


  3. So very funny. You found some great ones this week. I think the cats are great decorators and landscapers, besides that shower was pretty bad. They really do have pretty full work days with all these jobs and then the playing and eating haha.


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