A Walk with Bill

Bill loves being an over-the-road truck driver. It is a respectable living, contributing to the economy. As a long distance trucker Bill also is able to see and experience many interesting things. Every day is different. Of course there are pros and cons to that; some days are definitely better than others. 
This past weekend, Bill was stranded in He was in Jersey City, New Jersey. He made his delivery, a last minute one, on time. However, he had to wait for the receiver to open to accept the delivery. It being a Sunday, he had a long wait. This happens in trucking. It makes it difficult when you are living in the truck, as you can’t exactly plan an outing under the circumstances.
Bill decided to make the most of it and go for a walk. He came upon Liberty State Park, and took the path marked Liberty Walk. It was a two mile walk, well maintained and scenic.

 There were many varieties of flowers

& some butterflies, as well.

At the end of the walk is the Liberty Harbor, where the Hudson River opens into the Upper Bay area. From here, you have a good view of some special sights.

The Manhattan Skyline, New York

Ellis Island & the Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty

I was so touched by these pictures, never having seen this area of the United States. I am a proud American, and a proud trucker’s wife. Thanks, Bill. Be safe!

~from Bill’s rear view mirror~

19 thoughts on “A Walk with Bill

  1. Glad Bill made the most of his waiting time! These are great pics – love the butterfly shots and the vista is just fab!! I mean that's a great view of the Statue of Liberty!! Wow!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Take care


  2. Bill got some wonderful pictures.

    My dad was a short haul trucker. If he had been born in today's age he would have been a long haul trucker. He loved people.


  3. Seems like a challenging job to me, being away from loved ones for so long. Glad Bill's enjoying it! Thanks for sharing the pictures, it was like I went on the walk too, but without the work!


  4. It's so nice seeing how proud you are of your husband and his work ethics. I'm sure that he's proud of you too.

    I think that it's awfully sweet of him to take pictures of flowers and butterflies instead of just sitting in the truck waiting.



  5. Dear McGuffy Ann, I really enjoyed this posting as I learned about a trucker's life and also so photographs across the bay to the Statue of Liberty. Thank you for this treat. Peace.


  6. Oh Annie! This was wonderful!! Bill took a wonderful walk and took you and all of us along thru his photos. What a wonderful thing to do! I love seeing places that I've never been, and while I've been on the Stanton Island Ferry, just once, in my mid-teens, I've never seen the harbor from this perspective and it's magnificent! Great job Mr. Bill… thank you for ending my day on this lovely note!! Drive safely, and hurry home, Annie and the furkids miss you!


  7. Fianlly a moment to take a Walk With Bill. I love the photos and the idea that Bill is taking them. Way to go Bill :). You are blessed with a good Man McGuffy Ann.



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