Prairie Evers

By Ellen Airgood

Prairie Evers is a precocious, wise little girl. Home-schooled, she has spent most of her time surrounded solely by adults. Her lifelong best friend has been her grandmother. In North Carolina’s woods and prairies, lessons are taught and much is learned.
The family relocates to New York from North Carolina. Unhappy, her grandmother returns to their family home of North Carolina, leaving Prairie unhappy and bored. She talks her parents into allowing her to raise chickens in the old coop out back.
Prairie becomes an entrepreneur, but also learns about the proverbial pecking order when she is enrolled in the local school. She feels she does not fit in and is very alone, until she meets Ivy. She and Ivy connect, becoming inseparable. Their friendship deepens as they learn more about each other and trust develops. Ivy has had a very hard childhood, and comes to rely on Prairie’s for what she does not have at home. Prairie has found a special friend, not only a first friend.
Ellen Airgood is a gifted storyteller, no matter what age she writes for. I loved her first adult novel, South of Superior. I loved this children’s book as well. I can hardly wait to see what she writes next!

10 thoughts on “Prairie Evers

  1. Wow – books and cats. How can a blog get any better. Love it! I'll be back often. You will love Arizona. What I don't like are the summers but the diversity of this state is incredible and if I just could afford all the gas in the world, I would post every inch of it. 🙂


  2. This sounds like an excellent book about growing up and learning to negotiate life and the changes it brings. Relocating is hard, making new friends is hard, making it work is wonderful! This must be a good read!


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