13 thoughts on “American 6WS

  1. I try not to cheer for any single country; endeavor, instead, to maintain the illusion that such events might actually foster international harmony. I guess I'm probably kidding myself.


  2. *Just to clarify: I applaud & respect all who particpate in the Olympics. I think it is a great thing to come together as one. However, as in all sports, I do cheer on my “Home Team”.


  3. I actually like winter sports better but I still watch a few of the summer ones during the Olympics. Gymnastics fascinate me and the swimming although I will probably get stoned for saying this but I'm real tired of Michael Phelps. Time to move on Mike. There are others. 🙂 Yeaah. That ought to get a stone or two my way. I love 'em all but I am a USA fan!!


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