6 thoughts on “Forgiveness Day 2012

  1. I struggled with forgiveness re: my dad for many years. Decades. Because, while I don't adhere to any organized religion now or even consider myself “Christian,” I grew up in the Anglican Church and always believed that when you forgave, you were filled with Christ-like love for the person.

    Then about 7 years ago I remember watching one of those PBS specials during a November fundraiser. The motivational speaker was talking about forgiveness, saying that it doesn't mean you like, let alone love the person, or trust the person, or ever want to have anything to do with the person again. Just that you let go, accept.

    And for whatever reason (I was ready, I guess), I had an “aha” moment, a moment of grace, and just “spontaneously” forgave my dad. Didn't mean I viewed his actions while I was growing up any differently, just that I somehow let it go.

    I have a good relationship with my dad now, but it took me till I was in my early 40s to let go of the past.

    Nothing ever happens before we're ready, and forgiveness can't be forced.


  2. I have managed to do pretty well with forgiving, but I still struggle with wishing some things in my past could have gone differently. I'm sure it wasn't in the greater plan, and I wouldn't be who I am now if they had, but still, sometimes I wish. As it is said, we not only mourn for what is lost but also for what never came to be.


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