America’s Drought 2012

America is suffering a severe drought.
The government has deemed it a crisis,
as the devastation of crops 
reaches across the United States.
It is hard to understand why they recently 
sold our supply of corn reserve to China, 
especially under these circumstances.
As Bill travels in his rig 
back and forth across the country, 
quite often hauling food,
he has seen the various farms and crops.
He took these pictures of cornfields
in Kansas, part of America’s Heartland.

He watched the farmers prepare their fields
and then plant them in the Spring.
He watched them tend the crops,
and he watched as the farmers then 
fought to save their crops and farms.
They do this for all of us.
We rely upon them and their crops.
Corn is used as food, and 
it is used as feed for livestock.
It is also used in numerous other products.
Bill shows how the corn never developed.
An old saying states that, 
“Corn should be knee-high
by the fourth of July.”
That is in a healthy, growing phase.
This is now August; the corn is withered,
and never really developed.
  The rain never came,
and many wells dried up. 
Farmers could not keep up with watering,
no matter how hard they tried.
Bill comes from farming roots, as do I.
We have a lot of respect for farmers, 
what they do, and what it takes to do it.
They fought, but the drought has devastated
America’s crops this year.
This will affect all of us for a long time.

4 thoughts on “America’s Drought 2012

  1. Dear MGuffyAnn, yes, the drought is going to affect all of us in the grocery store. But also it's going to affect the farmers. Some won't be able to recover and will have to stop farming. Others will go deeper into debt.

    And more and more we will lose the small farms that helped make America the country that she became.
    It is a tragedy.

    I've gone down to Lexington on Highway 24 several times this summer to the peach stands. All along the way I've seen the corn withering and turning yellow and sear.

    When people say they don't believe in global warming, I can't understand their reasoning. We are having more severe weather than we've ever had. All the scientists and meteorologists have predicted this and many of the leaders of our country haven't listened and still aren't listening. That's the an even greater tragedy. Peace.


  2. As one who grew up in farm country, and who loves to see bright green fields ripe with wheat, corn, barley, etc., these photos tell a heartbreaking tale. I know well the desperation of farmers who invest all they have in an effort to try to save their crops, for many this will be the last of a series of defeats too great to overcome. My heart goes out to them. I worry about prices in the stores, and I am apalled at our government's sale of corn to China. But then I am apalled by many things our government does… by the people, for the people??? Bill's photos bring this issue home, his reports from the road are excellent. Thank you for sharing!


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