10 thoughts on “Happy World Cat Day!

  1. It's World Cat Day?!! AWESOME! I must post something for this one, and the furkids should have a special supper on their day… I think chicken is in order, it's their favorite! 🙂 Where would we be without the devotion and antics of our furkids? Everyday is cat day at our house… or at least cat fur day! :-))


  2. Zoo Zoo will be so happy to know it is Cat Day!! We were just colouring in a brand new kitty cat book this morning.
    I'd love to take that lil guy around with me – so cute!


  3. Yeah Cat Day woo hoo thanks for notifying us cat lovers I will have to find my lil furry friend & give her some smooches even though she hates affection from me LOL loves it from the husband though, oh she'll let me pet her at times but too much loving well she just would rather stroll away, cats are funny like that independent creatures for sure but I LOVE my cat anyway :]


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