Breaktime for Bill

As most of you know now, Bill is an Over-the-Road Trucker. He had been in the manufacturing field for over 35 years. He was forced to reinvent himself when the economy fell (hard). After another grueling five weeks on the road, he is home for a few days.

Bill and I met 35 years ago this week. We immediately connected and became platonic friends. We could talk about anything, and did. He is intelligent, fair, creative, moral and deeply loyal to those he cares about: people, critters, and issues.

The first time I saw Bill, he was playing guitar. He has played in a variety of bands, though is obviously currently unable to. He still plays, for fun and relaxation. He is extremely talented, having learned to play as a young child.
We are still best friends, married now for 31 years. I respect and adore him even more. I have no doubt he feels the same. It is amazing how love really does grow, if nurtured.
We are making the most of his time off the road, as it is only a few days. However, we want to thank those who read, follow and support “McGuffy’s Reader”. Your kind comments and messages are wonderful. Your support means a lot to both of us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

9 thoughts on “Breaktime for Bill

  1. I loved this post. I admire anyone, man or woman, who is unafraid to let their companion know their true feelings. I felt the same way about Jim and I tried to show him in words and actions. Blessings to you both!


  2. A wonderful post, Annie! You love for Bill shines in every word! The “way back then” pic is too cool… or should I say hot?!! 🙂 Sure took me back to those days! I'm so glad you two are having a least a few days to share now and then, and I hope the day comes when he can be home more. I would love to see you do a YouTube video of him playing! Hugs, Josie


  3. Nice, thoughtful and loving post … I know this time is precious to both of you as it should be. In time he won't have to be gone so much and you will be able to do the things together that you want to … You are both blessed to have each other …



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