10 thoughts on “Fun & Games!

  1. Watching cats play is so entertaining! We were playing laser light tag with them last night and the youngest two wore themselves out chasing back and forth, stumbling over each other, and sliding across the floor. It amazes me that they never tire of the game, in fact as soon as Papa Bear reaches for the small laser light on his end table, they go on alert, watching and waiting for him to turn it on and start the game. They somehow know he is the one who makes the red bug appear!


  2. I see a Maggie and a Chachi(or a Moon) in there. I love all of them … I live in fear that you might run out of LOL”S … please don't, they make my Thursdays (which are usually Dental Clinic Days).



  3. LOL – love that one “i need them all” – priceless. the kids are excited – my aunt has new kittens in the barn and we are going to see them tomorrow. I hope the cuteness isn't too great, or I will be tempted to take one with me!
    (Zoo Zoo is a bit too young for us to have a pet just yet – she'd definitely give it to much love of the squeezing sort!)


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