It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day!

It’s a special day for
Grizelda & Chloe,
and all black cats!
So, in their honour,
I’m sharing some pictures
of the girls.
We took our girls, 
& two other siblings,
into our home at only
two days of age.
They quickly became very ill.
Around the clock, for 6 weeks,
we had humidifiers going.
For the first three weeks,
before I could feed them
(every 1-2 hours)
I was doing chest-thumps
on the kittens.
Then, I was able to gradually
lengthen the time in-between.
At 6 weeks, we decided
the two little black kits
were here to stay!
Today they are both
healthy & happy!
Grizelda, 6 weeks
Chloe Jo, 6 weeks
Tag Team!
Chloe hugging Grizelda
Grizelda, 9 weeks
Grizelda, Black Beauty

Chloe, 9 weeks
Chloe Jo, Black Cutie

They are sisters, litter mates,
& opposites in almost every way.
Grizelda is long-haired.
She is subdued, quiet, thoughtful,
very private and sensitive.
Chloe is short-haired.
 She is impulsive, social,
impetuous and demanding.
They are both loving, funny,
adorable and sweet.
They are sisters, inseparable,
and very special black cats
whom we love & appreciate.

Grizelda Zoe & Chloe Jo

17 thoughts on “It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day!

  1. Sisters are the best! These two are so shiney and beautiful! They and their littermates won the cat lottery the day you rescued them! Without you they would never have survived. I know how much they are loved!


  2. Willow & Moon are still together in another home. She is a longhaired Tortie. She is more quiet. Moon is orange, shorthaired, the only male. He was my bright spot in all the dark fur: Moon. I cried & prayed a lot to keep them going!


  3. Aww … black kitties are so special. My little Frankie was on death row for no other reason than he was black. He's a charmer and I'm so glad I adopted him in the nick of time.

    Bless you and your big heart!


  4. Thanks Beth! You are so sweet!
    Grizelda means “Dark Battle”; she was the biggest & strongest in the litter. (She still protects Chloe.)Zoe means “Life”.
    Chloe means “blooming”; she really struggled with the congestion & nursing, but persevered. Jo means “God multiplies”. She just keeps growing!
    They keep Maggie on her toes…and she has extra toes, you know!


  5. They are so blessed to have you as the human mama, black kitties are my favorite 1st kitty was pure black & then I have had a couple more that we (as in kids) rescued. I now am the happy kitty mama of a tuxedo but I am partial to the all black :)) love the pictures of them growing up.


  6. Your black kitties are so cute. It made me remember Kitty, our black cat. She has been gone for a long time but she was very special. She came to our house as an abandoned kitten and wouldn't leave. She love tight places where she would curl and purr and didn't mind being vacuumed and love attacking my broom when I sweep the floor. She would purr loudly with delight. She love to be twirled around in a bag, such a strange cat but very loveable. We lost her through cancer.



  7. Such charming lovely ladies. It's a wonderful thing to be able to watch littermates interact. My two girls act like the don't care the other exists..until they get seperated for some reason…then the one still home sits at door calling until the other returns. Reunions are always met with head butts, sniffs, and purring. Yea…they're not fooling anyone. 😉


  8. Dear McGuffyAnn, I so enjoyed this story of Grizelda Zoe and Chloe Jo–two black cats who are part of your family. Your rescue of them must be lodged deep, deep within their memory. And it must have created a deep and abiding bond between you and them. Thank you for sharing them with us. Peace.


  9. My beautiful, black, fur baby was found by one of my teachers (I'm a principal)crying to come in the school. When I found out about it went to her room to meet him and fell head over heals in love with this 4 wk old kitten who should have been enjoying the warmth of his mother and the fun of his littermates. He is now 5 years old, named Salem, and thinks I've been put on earth to so him. Not that I mind. Thanks for a day to honor Black Cats. Marie


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