Giant George

~Life with the World’s Biggest Dog
By Dave Nasser, with Lynne Barrett-Lee
Giant George is an unprecedented seven feet long, almost five feet tall (at 43”), and almost 250 pounds. The Guiness Book of World Records has acknowledged him as the world’s tallest dog. It wasn’t always this way for George. He started as the smallest in his litter, even called “the runt”, when he was born in 2005.
Relocating back to his native Arizona, Dave Nasser promised his new bride Christie a puppy. It was initially a bribe of sorts. After the huge costs of the big Great Dane puppy and his super-sized supplies, Dave almost reconsidered. However, after “paws for thought”, they realized not only was George rapidly growing, so was their love for him.
Giant George has appeared on TV shows, YouTube videos, and is on Facebook. This is truly a wonderful story full of love and devotion between a dog and his people. This is how it is supposed to be. 


17 thoughts on “Giant George

  1. What a lovely “tail” to bring a smile to my day. This is a BIG DOGGIE!! I can't imagine how that little pup in the video grew to be so tall! This one sounds like a fun “Must Read”, Annie, thanks for bringing it to our attention! 🙂


  2. Noodles, you must be HUGE! The pictures are not doing you justice! Yes, love makes everything better & healthier. It even made the Grinch's heart grow (in the Dr. Suess story). I know with every critter I love, my heart feels better, too. ~Hugs~


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