Shine Shine Shine

By Lydia Netzer

This is an extremely unusual debut novel. While not my usual genre, I am glad I was given the opportunity to read and review it.
Maxon and Sunny are a young couple, raising a family in the suburbs. However, they are not your typical couple. He is a genius, on a space mission. His goal is to colonize the moon with robots. Back at home on Earth, pregnant Sunny is raising their autistic son. She is also caring for her terminally ill mother. She wants Maxon home, where he is needed. Stress is pushing their marriage to the edge.
Suddenly, the powers of the universe shift. Maxon is stranded in space. Everything is different; nothing will ever be the same.

Being raised in the developing space travel era, I watched Neil Armstrong’s legendary first steps on the moon. Even at age ten, I worried about the astronauts being stranded in space. I couldn’t help but think of David Bowie’s song “Space Oddity” and the fictitious Major Tom in the song. 

Wildly imaginative and creative, this story is still intelligent. Lydia Netzer has written an emotionally charged, very unique first novel.  

12 thoughts on “Shine Shine Shine

  1. This sounds like an interesting book. I have an autistic niece and I know the heartache her parents have endured. I can just imagine how helpless the wife must feel.


  2. This is definitely “outside of the box” thinking, and I admire the author for taking that giant step with her first published book! You've convinced me that she managed to pull the two ends of this story together into a unified tale, so I have no doubt that it makes for interesting reading!


  3. I am overwelmed by Sunny's issues so I can understand her being stressed and needing Maxon home. Not sure I want to read something that stressful and it doesn't sound like it has a happy ending. Though your review makes it sound interesting … and I love your comments about Neil Armstrong … rest his sole. Hmmm … Good Job. I'll wait until I have knocked off a few of the books on my too read pile to decide if I want to read this one.



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