The Age of Miracles

By Karen Thompson Walker
This is a very imaginative coming of age novel.
Julia is dealing with the usual drama of adolescence. However, along with the social order of peers, issues of falling in love, and parental drama, she has bigger concerns.
The news reports that the rotation of the Earth seems to be slowing down. Time has shifted, causing the clocks to use the 24-hour system. Kids are going to school in the dark. Time crawls.
Beautifully written, this novel makes the reader think. It also makes you feel for a young girl who is trying to make sense of changes within herself, those around her, life, and a world that is somehow spinning very wrong.

18 thoughts on “The Age of Miracles

  1. Dear McGuffyAnn, the trailer for this is exceptional. It drew me in–as did your review–and I want to read the book and yet I dread reading it also because I am somewhat fearful of a natural disaster that will change the course of history as we know it. Of course, perhaps the title of the book means I need to be hopeful. Peace.


  2. So many good books to read. Thank you for the reviews. After watching the video I am sure I would enjoy this book.

    Ann, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I love meeting my blogging friends.



  3. Sounds like Science Fiction which usually isn't my thing … but the story line seems interesting. Nice review, McGuffy, I am thinking Hayley might like this book.



  4. It sounds like this one would definitely rattle my comfort zone a bit, and maybe that's a good thing. We take so many things in our lives for granted… the sun always comes up, the summer always returns, and life goes on pretty much as we know it. What if there really was a cataclysmic change that would alter our lives in ways never dreamed of? Hmmm, disturbing but surely possible!


  5. Sounds like an interesting book. I love the trailer. Nicely done. I would be interested in reading this book but I have so little extra time . Thanks for the nice review.



  6. It really makes you think. In the big picture, there are so many things we cannot control. What truly does matter? We can only control ourselves and our reactions, based upon our choices and perceptions.


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