Super Heroes

Love cats?  Join us!

They think they have 
“super powers”, 
are or superior beings.
Well, maybe they are…

They certainly make us laugh
and feel good about life.
Sometimes they even seem to
save us from ourselves,
if not the world.
Maybe they are super heroes.

25 thoughts on “Super Heroes

  1. Lol I love these photos! They are all cute. The first photo is a great shot, but the Batcats stole my heart. As did number 4, who looks absolutely adorable! Thanks for brightening my day!


  2. Dear McGuffyAnn, I've been living with cats since April 1972 and that has made so much difference, maybe all the difference, in my life. I've lived with Dulcy, Ishmael, Bartleby, Tybalt, Pam, Eliza Doolittle, Jeremiah, Noah, Laz, Raissa, Ellie, Maggie, and Matthew. (I live with the final three now and have done so for nearly three years.) What a delight they are. Beauty and playfulness combined. A gift to and from the Universe. Peace.


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