She left her babies all alone,
to search for food, her fate unknown.
She walked for miles on tired feet,
for even a morsel of food to eat.
Roaring engine, screeching tires,
headlights burning like wildfires,
to her a wild fearsome beast.
It attacked; her heartbeats ceased.
The babies alone waited for her,
little helpless balls of fur.
God loves creatures, great and small;
surely His angels will heed their call.

                                        ~McGuffy Ann Morris~

Photo: McGuffy Ann Morris

Shared with:  Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, March 2013

39 thoughts on “Nightshade

  1. I like your poem, Ann. Like it in the way you wrote it so very convincinly but I don't like it that Mama got killed. Of course I guessed the ending before I got there.

    Here is hoping that those babies will find a good human run home for a new-to-them home. In the wild, depending upon their age, they may not survive.
    Mine is an episode in our lives, almost every day and humdrum with a little perceived 'danger.'


  2. Jim, this is why I do kitten rescue. The above litter is one I bottlefed from 2 days of age. They all made it. Grizelda & Chloe Jo stayed with us. Moon & Willow are still together in another home.
    There are many dangers out there. This is one that concerns me. I told a true story in my poem. Even though it is difficult, it is a sad truth.


  3. A heartbreaking tale of subject very close to our hearts! Excellent poetry Annie, it conveys so well the dangers mamas face everyday in trying to provide for their young! I love how carefully you chose your words, it made me cry. But I know this story has a happy ending for the babies! 🙂


  4. Thank you, Josie. I appreciate that. It's true. While some make it, many do not. I have been involved in many rescues, even then some do not make it. As humans, we need to be aware and responsible. We are not alone on this planet.


  5. Awww….sad but true too often. Growing up we lost several kitties to the traffic around our house—-my own kitties are indoor cats only so they don't have those dangers. Only strings and chylothorax threaten my kitties….nice offering today, McGuffy Ann.


  6. Dear McGuffyAnn, your poem left me sad and remembering Riassa who was hit by a car right in the street that passes my home. I inadvertently left the door open and she slipped outside–on January 3, 2011. One never forgets. Peace.


  7. I am so sorry, Dee. That was an accident. This is about the stray and feral populations, who are alone and unloved. It often continues for generations, as you know. When this happens, it leaves behind orphans. Riassa was loved, and is with Dulcy. Peace.


  8. Please understand that it is not my intent to upset or shock. It is my mission to give voice to those who are not heard. I use my poetry to do this.
    Regarding animals, I try to make people aware and move them to take action. People tend to not see or think about the sad reality of homeless animals. I can't look away.


  9. I love your talent with poetry, writing and with animals … I can hardly bear reading this because it tears me up. I hate that these things happen and that there is so much indifference. I am glad that there are those, like yourself, that do what they can to protect and care for these little furry victoms. Good Job McGuffy Ann …



  10. I think of the dozens of little furry lives you and Bill have rescued and saved, Annie! Stories and poems such as these are sad, but they are also very real, and remind us that life is a struggle for God's creatures. We all need to help out in any way we can, and to be extra careful when out there driving at night too! You serve a wonderful purpose to help us all connect to the feelings of motherhood… be it cat or human, and the need to take care of our young. I thought this was wonderful. I lost a cat to the highway once years ago too, and a dog when I was young, and for both I cried for days. Where there is love, there is caring, and there are so many more in need of our love! Please write more like this anytime, you remind us that our role in life makes a difference!


  11. You broke my heart. I see simliar scenes involving the myriad wild species that live with me in the Sonora Desert. They, too, break my heart; but also remind me of the cycles of life and the balance in the whole.


  12. Well done, Ann. I knew it was true, it reads as honest, not fiction. I once hit a momma cat and I knocked on the farmers door. We searched the barn high and low for her kittens (she had milk tests) and he said she had born them five day earlier. We NEVER found them in the stacks of hay. The farmer said they remain quiet… natures way of protecting them. I was only 19 and cried and cried. Think I STILL would) Such sweet babies your photo shows. God Bless you for caring for God's creatures.


  13. Yes, this is based upon a stray that I helped. Thank God, I have never hit anyone, though I have helped many who have been hit.
    My writing is based on experience or observation. Nonfiction comes naturally to me.
    Thank you.


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