I am joining Brenda Youngerman this week, for Pondering with a Purpose. The prompt is “Venting”. I gave this careful consideration, as this is one of my concerns: the way people vent. So I will “vent” about “Venting”.

We all have feelings and opinions. We all need to express these things and be heard. Sometimes we need to “vent”. “Venting” is a safety valve, to prevent us from imploding. If we hold it all in, we can hurt ourselves, our spirit, or our psyche. However, in letting it out we need to be careful, as well. There are things to consider, doing this in a positive way.
First and foremost, respect others. Venting is not healthy if you hurt someone. There is a fine line between “venting” and “ranting”. It is never acceptable to hurt someone. Words cannot be taken back. Too often, permanent things are said in temporary situations. When you put your words before someone else, their feelings need to be considered, as well.
Anyone can say what they want on their blog, as it is their blog. It is their own forum, their platform, their space; I understand and respect that. It saddens me though, to see people vent there about others. I feel bad for the one at the other end of their “vent”, or “rant”. They are forever chastised. When you put it before the world, everything becomes magnified. However, when the vent is over, the words remain there.
Keep in mind that others also have the right to vent. If you expect others to put up with your occasional venting, then be prepared to listen to others, as well. What goes around comes around.
Whether you vent in private or public, words need to be chosen carefully. Respect yourself and others too. It is not only what you say, but how you say it. If it is not what you would want someone to say to you, don’t say it. Don’t cross the line between venting and ranting.

12 thoughts on “"Venting"

  1. All so very true, Annie! It is so easy to spew negativity on Facebook or our blogs, and regret soon follows. I am still learning to chose my words carefully and respond with care. Thank you for this very important reminder. You are so kind-hearted, I can't imagine you ever intentionally hurting anyone!


  2. So true, honey. I try to think carefully even if I am really mad. But I don't know if I always get it right. I would hate to think I hurt someone who was a friend or family just because I was angry for a minute.


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