Becoming Clementine

By Jennifer Niven
This novel is the third in the Velva Jean series by author Jennifer Niven. She continues the heartfelt but incredible journey of Velva Jean. In the first book, we met her and saw as she struggled to grow up in rural Appalachia, and into herself. In the second book, she literally earned her wings, becoming a pilot. In this third book, Velva Jean continues that mission as a woman in the military.
Velva Jean is a Wasp pilot, in the Women’s Air Service Pilot (WASP) Corps. It is 1944, and her mission is transporting pilots from the United States to England. She is also searching for her brother, Johnny, missing in action since D-Day.
While carrying supplies, her plane goes down, crashing in Nazi-occupied France. A male undercover French spy comes to her assistance. Velva Jean enters the world of espionage taking her to Paris, France and across the French countryside in search of justice and freedom.
Not only has Velva Jean honed her craft, so has Jennifer Niven. She has again written a well detailed, very intense novel. This is an amazing story of WWII espionage, women in the Armed Forces, history, geography, romance, and intrigue. Yet, this is also about love, family, patriotism, and a woman being true to self and what she believes, no matter what.

I recommend reading all three of the Velva Jean books.

7 thoughts on “Becoming Clementine

  1. I meant to log out of helping Katie with her blog but failed to remember to do so. I wanted to go ahead and tell you that you have given me a great idea for me! I know already I would love those books and I will see that I get them.


  2. Wow Ann, I'm amazed at the amount of books that you review on your blog.

    I'm lucky if I can read two pages before falling asleep. I read in bed as It's pretty much the only place I can read. It takes me for ever to finish a book this way.

    I have a library filled with book and many books that are still unread. I think that Audio Books is the way for me.

    I love true stories rather than fiction.



  3. Dear McGuffyAnn, sorry I've been away for a while. Life got busy. But I'm glad that I've learned about a new series from this posting. I so like to read novels and biographies about World War II. So I'll look for this in the library. Thank you for sharing your enjoyment of it. Peace.


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