The dog had been there for many years, both companion and protector. Her love and devotion were obvious and unconditional.

As the family grew and the kids grew up, she grew old. Eventually, time and circumstance gave chance for the family to return the favour.

Now the old girl needed them.
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Image & story: McGuffy Ann Morris

20 thoughts on “Devotee

  1. Such a beautiful greyed muzzle on a wisened old face! Dogs are the very definition of devotion, and eventually the time comes when we must return the favor with the ultimate gift of love and sacrifice. Beautifully written, Annie!


  2. It would be a very sad world without our pets. We have so much to learn from them. I often think if only people were more like dogs the world would be a much nicer place.


  3. love the photo…..yes, pets give us so much, just because….. and we need to give them what they need, just because they deserve it….for example, when they are sick and old, we can give them a gift by letting them go and cease suffering…too bad we can't do that for each other…


  4. My prayer is to live long enough to be able to return the devotion we receive from our Izzi … This was a heart wrenching five sentences because it speaks to an ambivalent truth.



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