We Won!

I would like to thank Caren & Cody of CAT CHAT,  for the wonderful things I won through their recent “Giveaway”! In partnership with The Tiniest Tigers Conservation Club  they offered “The Tiniest Tiger Swag Bag”. I cannot believe it, but…we won! Thank you Joanne for creating such a generous giveaway!
The famous Tiniest Tiger tote bag is wonderful, and so convenient. I am using it already! It was full of all kinds of goodies, too. Grizelda especially loves the nip-stuffed pickle.

Thank you again, to both Joanne & Caren! We appreciate all of the goodies!
If you would like to order your own Tiniest Tiger tote, please visit them at their beautiful site: The Tiniest Tigers Conservation Club  (http://conservationcubclub.com/) . 
Please also visit Caren & Cody atCAT CHAT(http://opcatchat.blogspot.com) 
You will adore them…we do.

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