Most saw a tattered old man, clothes too big, funny hat pushed down low on his head.

People moved around him, not paying attention to his incoherent mumbling. His connection was not to them or to the place they shared.

A simple smile on his face, his eyes were lifted to the sun. He saw a place beyond this tattered life.

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Story: McGuffy Ann Morris
Image: Photobucket

11 thoughts on “Charles

  1. Beautifully written, McGuffy Ann! We are so quick to judge those who seem to be disheveled or different, how little we know about the soul residing in those tattered clothes. They probably have a better undertanding of life than we have!


  2. We are probably all guilty of making assumptions about people based on how they dress and act – it's good to consider that underneath there may be a very different story.


  3. Although he seems to be in a happy place I found this piece rather sad. The loss of sanity is something I find scary – I hope his “affliction” was something more inspired than that.


  4. I know Charlie through you … you have summed him up in a picture of words. Once again you bare your talents to the world. Soon everyone will know how good you are …



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