Cruisin’ with Carrie, Week 2

This is Week 2 of Carrie’s contest, at The Slow-Dripped Life . Her question this week is: “Favourite Travel Memory”. I actually have had a few, so it is very for me hard to pin this down.
I can honestly say it was not moving from Texas back to Illinois, when I was almost 14. We traveled by car, in January. We went through a snowstorm  in Missouri, on up to Chicago. There were two adult, three kids, three dogs, two cats (in birdcages!), snakes & tortoises in duffel bags, a bird…anyway, you see why this was not my favourite travel memory.
I must say I love all of the travel memories of going  to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are favourite memories: Keweenaw, Brockway Mountain, the Porcupine Mountains, Lake Gogebic, the waterfalls…to name a few.

However, when Bill and I were newlyweds we traveled for three months. It was 1981. We left Illinois and traveled North and West. We lived in an old van with my old dog Velvet. We went through Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, Utah, Colorado, and then back up an over to Illinois. We saw and did many things. We were young and had no real reason not to do it. I have mentioned we are kind of “hippies”, though conservative. We like the natural high of nature, animals, real wildlife, and peace of it all.

This is a very special memory for both of us. It was not easy, as we had very little money. However, it was a real, once in a lifetime experience.

Needle Pass, SD
The Badlands, SD
Flathead Lake, Montana
We do hope to have more travels. Now he drives over the road in trucking, and I will ab able to go with sometimes. Someday we plan to do it again just for fun!

3 thoughts on “Cruisin’ with Carrie, Week 2

  1. The trip from Texas to Illinois with a carload of kids and critters sounds like quite a tale in itself, but the three month road trip is the stuff those years were made of and made me smile! What a wonderful memory to share forever! Hoping your upcoming road trip has many great stories to share with us too! 🙂


  2. You will be doing it again, soon as Mrs. Over-the-Road Trucker. I am excited to see those pictures as well. Love the story of your trip back from Texas … OMG where did you sit? Of course your travels as young “conservative” hippies is the best. What freedom you enjoyed … money didn't have to be an issue then. Today, not so much. So I hope you get to go back up to the UP soon and enjoy all that you love about it. Life should have those special moments.



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