This is How We Roll…

We have traveled nearly 2000 miles since leaving home, four days ago. It will be well over that by tonight. We have gone through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and now back over to Iowa and the corner of Illinois, up to Wisconsin.

The trip started out with the first shipper not being ready, though it was a partial load. We had to wait over three hours for it. Then a headlight went out, but Bill was able to fix it. The second day brought more problems with shippers. The second shipment was bigger and unable to be loaded because of the problems with uneven skids, packaging and stacking by the first shipper. We lost a couple of hours and finally were sent on without it.

By the time we got to the receiver, it was late on Friday. Even though the shipment was actually six hours early, there were no empty trailers available to take. Bill was able to hunt one down at another facility 35 miles away that deals with his company. We stayed at a truck stop in Oklahoma City.

The next day we had to pick up a load of beef in Holcomb, Kansas. This load will be taken to Wisconsin. Even though it is not too far north of home, we won’t be able to stop in for a visit.

Along the way, I have been fortunate to see deer, foxes, and my beloved coyote. I saw many hawks and falcons native to the areas we passed through. Along with several Red-Tailed Hawks, we saw Cooper’s, Swainson’s, Harriers, and many others. We also saw some falcons. I saw an owl and a black vulture! One of the most impressive sightings was the group of Golden Eagles who were feeding at a large pond. I also was thrilled to see the “Common Blackhawk”, which is not common to me! They are absolutely beautiful. I was blessed to see more than one.

There will be more updates as I get used to the routine and blogging in a truck. I will post pictures as I am able; more detailed posts with pictures will be done when I am home.

(Please remember to vote. We voted before leaving home.)

20 thoughts on “This is How We Roll…

  1. I love the wildlife that you get to see when you take a road trip. I will NEVER forget seeing buffalo when I was traveling through New Mexico.

    Sounds exciting!


  2. I am so envious of your shared journey, working yet still time to appreciate all the beauty of the season and creatures of each location! You will long recall the memories of these miles on the road! I'm following along on the map as you go, and can't wait to read more as it transpires.

    We voted early today, and thankfully just before the line grew very, very long! Voting is important!!


  3. YES! I am having severe separation anxiety…so is Grizelda 😦
    They are okay, in general…it will be an emotional reunion. Their cargivers love them & know them. I trust them, or I would never do this.


  4. It looks like you are making the most of this trip and shedding some light on a truck driver's life. I had no idea that it was so plagued with waiting and waiting and break down.

    I'm glad that you are seeing so many birds and some animals in your travels.
    Stay safe and enjoy this time with your husband Bill.




  5. I hope you are journaling up a storm while you are out there, because I still think you should write a book about the life of a trucker. The world could learn to appreciate what they go through and how important they are to our daily lives.

    I'm green with envy every time you tell us about another hawk of new wildlife … I saw a Coyote today, but the way. I would love to do what you are doing, but it will never happen. Have to live it through you, I guess. Glad you are enjoying the ride and hope every day is a grand adventure. I look forward to your future posts …



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