Cruisin’ with Carrie #4

For her travel contest, Carrie at The Slow-Dripped Life has asked us to share an embarrassing experience. Wow. The first one that came to my mind is one that still makes me laugh.

Twenty-five years ago, I was pulling my car into our garage. The entrance to the garage had a slight slope to it. Halfway into the garage, I put the car into Park, so I could move the lawnmower. When I turned back to get into the car, I realized that the car was rolling out of the garage and backward down the driveway! Apparently, my old car had slipped out of gear.

I chased after the car, trying to get back into it! I had to stop it before it rolled into the street. I noticed a neighbor, who was a fireman, standing and watching the whole fiasco. The car continued to roll…out into the street, and across into our neighbor, Ed’s yard. It finally came to a stop, after rolling through his split-rail fence and destroying it! I was mortified!

As I was getting into my car, the fireman asked if he could help. I politely told him, “No. I can handle it from here!” I was shocked that he watched the whole thing.

I parked my car in the garage and immediately went to talk to Ed, the owner of the now demolished fence. I offered to pay for a new fence, telling him that I was so sorry and embarrassed by what had happened.

Ed burst into laughter, telling me he hated that fence. He now would be able to replace it with bushes. His wife had fought him for years on the fence vs. bushes issue and now he would get his way. I offered to pay for the bushes, but he would not allow it. Instead, he thanked me for the favour of the fence removal.


13 thoughts on “Cruisin’ with Carrie #4

  1. All is well that ends well… no neighbors were injured in this “would have been perfect for YouTube” event, and Ed got the new bushes he wanted. The horrified look on your face as that car took down the fence would have been priceless! 😉


  2. Has this picture well in the brain hahaha at least it didn't run anyone over I tried to get into my run away car once and I thought I was going to run myself over so I bailed out with scraps. just hope you like the bushes for your view as well 🙂


  3. I am just now making rounds (always on the weekends…sigh) and this story is GOLDEN!!! So I wonder – was your car damaged at all? How perfect that it ended probably a decades or more battle over that fence! GREAT STORY!!


  4. No. My car wasn't at all damaged. It was going so slowly. It was all in slow motion! I just couldn't get ahold of anything to get into it, until it stopped. By then it had taken down the little fence, though! Thanks! 😉


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