Truth vs. Lies

the choice is easy,
sometimes it is not.
It is each person’s right
to make their own choices
based upon their experience 
and their place in life.
the truth is not a choice; 
it is a responsibility.
Interpretation does not
change the reality
of Truth.
And as it is said…
“Truth will set you free.”

4 thoughts on “Truth vs. Lies

  1. This is a very powerful statement, McGuffy Ann, and a subject I feel as strongly about as you do! Truth is an absolute, a statement of fact, a record of reality. I have reached a point where I have no desire to have people in my life who have difficulty discerning truth from lies, distortion, and false accusations. “Lies are the devil's workshop.” I am so very grateful to have you as a friend, because I know that anything you say to me will always be fair, honest, and true. That is the kind of person that you are. HUGS


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