Bill’s "Trucker Coffee"

Traveling in a big rig is very different than in a a car or even a camper. This is work, not vacation. I have had to adjust to the hectic, even chaotic trucker lifestyle. Bill has had to adjust to having me in his truck, too. I take up space with my stuff, and I tend to talk a lot…just sayin’. 

So there have been some adjustments. However, we have worked it out. In our 31+ years of marriage, we have been through a lot. This is another adventure for us, another chapter of our journey together. 

Bill cooks his/our meals in his truck. He is a great cook at home, and has this down to a science in his truck. He cooks everything from omelets to soups! He’s amazing. Thankfully, every morning Bill also makes coffee in his truck. It tastes like home brewed and is wonderful! He has his own special recipe that not only wakes you up, but also has the best flavour! We take our coffee differently, so he puts our names on the cups to lessen confusion.

Well, truckers can be ornery or “snarky” under stress. They are trying to keep to other people’s schedules, various shippers and receivers, making deadlines, dealing with traffic and constant construction, DOT regulations…so, it has gone from “Mine” and “Yours” to this:

But, he calls me “Snarky”! Don’t mess with a trucker, especially before he has had his coffee!

11 thoughts on “Bill’s "Trucker Coffee"

  1. I read this post at lunch today and shared it with John, we both loved it! He had never heard the word “snarky” before so I had to define it for him and now we are debating which of us it best suits… certainly not me!!! 😉


  2. Dear McGuffyAnn, I'm amazed at life on the road! I can't imagine what you use to cook in the truck. Do you plug something into the dashboard lighter? You've got me wondering. Peace.


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