There comes a time
we must withdraw,
to retreat within ourselves,
protecting that which is hidden
within our heart and soul.
Painful debt, paid by
our own blood and tears,
an unseen burden
too great a risk, a price
we cannot pay.
We seek peace, safety
in familiar solace,
ultimately owing only
                   ~McGuffy Ann Morris~

Shared with Poets United, March 2013

47 thoughts on “Cocoon

  1. Beautiful words, McGuffy Ann, so worth waiting for! At times to withdraw is the best choice for self-preservation, our reasons may be hidden from the world, but they are carved into our hearts. The photo is perfect… look at the amazing beauty wrapped inside the safety of this cocoon, waiting to emerge again stronger and at last able to fly!

    A wonderful contribution to “silence” at Two Shoes Tuesday, thank you!


  2. Thanks Josie! Your prompts help me to find inspiration. This one (“hidden”) has been particularly meaningful to me. I tend to do this when I am dealing with difficult situations. Thanks for Two Shoes Tuesday & helping me to write things out.


  3. McGuffy, sorry for calling you “Ann” last time! You can call me “Barlow' or “Liberatore” once if you like…!

    Powerful writing. I remember having to withdraw for the sake of self-preservation from the society of druggies, so this feels quite real to me.

    No matter what one's journey, there is merit in reexamining the chrysalis for a spell. Thanks, Amy


  4. I can so relate to this and agree with you entirely. I know the times when I need to withdraw, retreat from the world within myself. If I didn't I think I'd either go crazy or lose parts of myself. It's most important, I think, for renewing the connection. I can always tell when the work is done. It feels like a sigh of relief and the best way to describe it is… “Ah… I'm home again.”


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