Cruisin’ with Carrie #6

Carrie at The Slow-Dripped Life has been asking questions for several weeks. She is doing this as part of a travel contest. Personally, I joined in because I like Carrie and her blog. Please visit her; you will see what I mean! 

Let me thank Carrie for doing this contest. Also, thank you Carrie for your patience in my slow blogging responses. It is very different blogging from an 18-wheeler. Sometimes I have no connection, the hours are long, hard, and there is no routine! I have much to say when I get home. For now, Carrie’s question…this week, Carrie asked what we think of the blurring of Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas. This issue has bothered me for many years. 

As a child and young adult, I looked forward to each Halloween and participated in it appropriately. There were decorations, pumpkins becoming jack-o-lanterns, costumes, and trick or treating. When it was over, we celebrated “All Saints” and “All Souls”. The celebration of our loved ones who had passed over. 

Then we looked forward to Thanksgiving. We gathered together. We decorated, cooked, baked, ate, watched the parades and football. We gave thanks, as we became more conscious of each other and our blessings.  We appreciated what we had, and we shared with those who didn’t have as much as we did. When Thanksgiving was over, we were ready for Advent.

As a Christian, Christmas is very important to me. We decorated, continued to count our blessings as we shared with others. We made ourselves and our home ready for the birth of Christ. It was (is) a very special birthday celebration. It is the foundation of the Christian religion.

I think each holiday is a progression leading up to this special day. Those who celebrate Christmas should understand what I mean. It wasn’t always like this. If we put Christ back in Christmas, there would be no blurring of these holidays. 

3 thoughts on “Cruisin’ with Carrie #6

  1. Well said, McGuffy Ann, a resounding AMEN! I note the obvious here, that commercialism falls nowhere withing your definitions of the important aspects of each holiday. When the dollar is what we worship, what is real and pure and good is lost.


  2. I love this, and thank YOU for sharing it.

    Sadly, I don't see the current trajectory headed in the direction of more Christ-focused anything. We have got to be intentional. Make Him known.

    I am SO glad you've come along on this contest, and I hope you'll stick around beyond. Blessings to you!


  3. So true. We rush through life. Can't we just slow down and enjoy each holiday, then breathe, and look forward to the next holiday? It used to be that we wouldn't see anything for Christmas until right after Thanksgiving. Now we see Christmas stuff in the stores at the same time as Halloween! It irritates me to no end! I like the idea of seeing the creche in public places (before people started complaining that it was against THEIR religion!)


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