Home Sweet Home

I am Home Sweet Home. I have seen much, learned much, and have much to share…just as soon as I get organized! I am still catching up on things around here. I don’t think I will ever catch up on blogging that I missed. 

The Sprint Hot Spot I had did not work, sadly. I did not have Internet access 98% of the time. I spent hours trying to get a connection, to no avail. On Thanksgiving, I spent over three hours trying to get a connection; I was in tears. It was very upsetting. Next time I will have to look at other options, and am open to suggestions.

Since I cannot possibly “catch up”, I am moving forward. I have many reviews to post, I have stories and pictures from my Road Trip with Bill. I have memes that I will be rejoining. Please be patient, and rest assured that I will be doing my best to get back on track.

The Girls (Maggie P., Grizelda & Chloe Jo) are fine. My longtime friend & neighbour, Cathy, did great with them, as always. We got home just in time for Grizelda & Chloe Jo’s 2nd birthday!

Living Bill’s trucking life for a month was incredible. I don’t know how he does it. He is amazing, and exceptional at what he does. It literally is a 24/7 job, when he is in that truck. I respect him even more than I already did, for what he does. Everything you eat, use, and purchase got into your hands because of a trucker! It is truckers who get your product to the stores and to you. Many are like Bill, hard working, dedicated people trying to do a good job and contribute to society in a positive way.

I will be writing and posting again. My books are in the process of being released, as well. They are finally ready! I will let you know when they are available! By the way, Cathy is the illustrator of my children’s book. (Watch for the release post!)

I appreciate each of you, your support of me, my blog, and of Bill. Thank you again.  

17 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Kim, I am an extreme homebody, too. But I love & respect Bill, and going with him was important. He is amazing. I also can really feel how homesick he gets, missing the Girls and Home. An adventure, to be sure!


  2. Welcome Home Ann. It's wonderful that you have found out first hand the important job your husband does . It certainly take a special person to do what he does every day.
    My hat's off to salute and thank your husband for his indispensable service to humanity.

    I'm glad that the fur kids were in good hands while you were away for so long.

    I'm looking forward to reading your blog . I don't do memes anymore because I simply don't have enough time.
    Take care.
    Hugs, JB


  3. Hey, welcome home!!!

    Glad you had an adventure and have lots of stories to tell!

    You still have time for this week's – the LAST question for the contest! (Actually there are 'options' to choose from this week – 2 questions to pick from this time!)

    Glad you are doing well!


  4. Julia, thank you for respecting & appreciating Bill. His dad grew up on a farm and became a trucker. So we respect & appreciate you too!
    I only do a couple of writing memes now. It is hard to keep up otherwise! I have a lot of reviews coming too!


  5. Glad you are home and so glad you had that time with Bill! What a neat thing to be able to go with him and be a part of what he does! Thanks to Bill for helping bring food to my table!!! I do admire truckers–when we had our business I was amazed at their skill and talent for doing their job!! Glad you are back. Put your feet up and snuggle the kitties a bit—we all will be right here when you are ready to jump back in!


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